The therapists at Positive Motion Physiotherapy work with clients to create individualised rehabilitation programs and establish program goals to suit all stages of recovery. Longer consultations (up to 1 hour) enable our therapists to conduct comprehensive assessments and tailor treatment plans to the individual.  

Qualified physiotherapists can to provide a comprehensive, and evidence-based range of services and treatments for post-operative recovery and to manage lymphoedema, lipoedema and a range of conditions associated with oedema. See Goals for Recovery listed below and our Services page for more details on the treatments we offer.


Goals for Recovery

  • Effective management of cording and scar tissue

  • Seroma reduction and management

  • Increased awareness of lymphoedema and strategies for prevention and management

  • Improved management of arm and/or leg lymphoedema 

  • Improved management of lipoedema and associated oedemas

  • Optimisation of function

  • Decreased muscular tension

  • Pain management

  • Increased energy levels

  • To regain flexibility

  • To regain strength

  • To regain body confidence and awareness

  • Individualised prescription of exercises for recovery

  • Participation in small group exercise classes

  • To achieve fitness goals

  • To achieve a hollistic approach to recovery