Liz Charlton



Liz is the principal physiotherapist and is passionate about providing a holistic approach to recovery.  She has a particular interest in exercise prescription and has developed an evidence-based exercise program which is now available at the Clinic.

Liz, the Director of Positive Motion Pty Ltd (Trading as Positive Motion Physiotherapy), completed her physiotherapy qualification at the University of Queensland. She then completed Level 1 Lymphoedema training in Sydney and gained further experience working at Calvary Hospital’s Lymphoedema Service (Calvary Health Care ACT), working closely with surgeons, oncologists and Breast Care Nurses (ACT Health) to provide integrated care for patients with lymphoedema.

She is passionate about providing holistic care to assist clients to maintain independence through a healthy lifestyle. She has a special interest in exercise as a management strategy for recovery and have been developed an evidence-based weights-training class designed to improve function and quality of life for those who are at risk of, or those who have developed upper limb lymphoedema (Cornie, P, Pumpa, K., Galvao, A., Turner, E. et al., Journal of Cancer Survivorship vol. 7 (2), June 2013).  She is fortunate to be able to combine skills as a musculoskeletal and lymphoedema physiotherapist to assist patients to return to, and/or maintain, optimal function. 

Liz is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, in addition to the Australian Lymphology Association (ALA), and is registered with the National LymphoedemaPractitioners’ Register (NLPR).  Liz has also completed her PINC and STEEL certification.