Gemma Bartlett

20190303 B and W Gemma Bio Pic.jpg

Gemma is an occupational therapist and the newest member of the team at Positive Motion Physiotherapy.  Having undergone her own personal journey with breast cancer, and subsequently lymphoedema, Gemma has come to appreciate the benefit of holistic allied health support.  She has developed a passion for working with others undergoing their own cancer ‘journey,’ aiming to facilitate recovery and support a return to their best. 

Gemma completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at James Cook University in 2009.  She is an accredited PINC therapist and has now completed her Level 1 Lymphoedema Management training at Macquarie University (MQ Health) Lymphoedema Clinic.  Gemma believes that through self-care, fun and funky compression garments and tailored exercise programs, it is possible to manage lymphatic dysfunction with style!   Gemma aims to bring an element of light and laughter to the treatment team at Positive Motion Physiotherapy is committed to providing a high level of evidence-based patient care.