Post-operative advice, exercise and management strategies

Post-operative management is designed to support the healing process of clients who are recently post-surgery or undergoing treatments.  The goal of a post-operative program is to restore flexibility and strength to the affected joints and muscles whilst facilitating healing.  Strategies will incorporate breathing techniques, gentle exercises and stretches modified to maximise recovery from surgery.  

Post-operative advice will also include ways to minimise the risk of developing complications, including lymphoedema.  Compression garment fitting and sales may be recommended as part of risk minimisation for some clients.

Our therapists will also work closely with your referrers to ensure continuity of care.



Therapeutic lymphatic massage,scar tissue massage and management of post-operative 'cording.'

Our therapists can assist you with maintaining healthy tissue function and facilitating healing whether it be post-operative scar tissue or oedema-related skin changes.

 We deliver evidence-based treatments to address clients' needs.



Individualised management programs including compression garment fittings and sales

For those who require oedema management that may be due to other primary or secondary conditions, our therapists will tailor a management program to suit your needs.

Compression garments may be recommended and we stock a wide range of garments and all of our therapists are trained to measure for custom-made garments if required. 


Exercise advice and prescription including individualised exercise programs for recovery

For those clients who are in the next phase of their recovery may benefit from a program that focuses on strengthening and stretching for the upper body, lower body, abdominal strength and stability.

Exercise has been shown to improve energy levels, increase well being and improve outcomes from cancer treatments.  A well designed program will assist with recovery and may help to decrease the risk of developing lymphoedema.

We are pleased to offer small group exercise classes at our private gym.  Please ask your therapist for more information.


Low level 'cold' laser therapy & Lymphatic pump therapy


A growing body of evidence-based literature supports the use of low level laser therapy for wound healing, pain relief, improving tissue health and stimulating circulation.  Our therapists may recommend that you try laser to assist with the management of your condition.

Lymphatic compression pumps have now been shown to assist with management of lymphoedema.  Our therapists can apply a compression pump as part of your treatment or advise you on pump rental and sales.


Complex Physical Therapy (CPT)

For those clients who may need more intensive management of their lymphoedema (or associated oedema), we are able to provide CPT which is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression bandaging and garment fitting.  Many clients who require CPT will also require a more customised compression garment to adequately manage their lymphoedema.


Self-management advice including bandage sales

Self-management is an important part of managing chronic oedema/lymphoedema. Our therapists can assist you to develop a self-management program including instruction in self-lymphatic drainage massage, self-bandaging and ongoing exercise prescription.


Kinesiotaping for lymphoedema

Kinesiotaping or lymphatic taping can be used to assist with lymphatic drainage at the surface layers of the skin.  It has been used by athletes for over a decade and is now being used extensively to assist with the management of lymphoedema.